Updated July 14th, 2024

Agent Representation

When you're ready to think about buying or selling your property, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Do I have the time, energy, sources of information, and contacts to do the job yourself? If I was one of the 'do-it-yourself' people, would the results be as good or better than they would be if I had professional assistance? Would it have gone smoother? Would it have given me more personal time? Would I have purchased for less, or sold for more, if a real estate agent was involved? Read the following information and learn how a real estate agent can help you understand everything you need to know about a real estate transaction.

The Buying Process
The process of buying a home or investment generally starts with determining your buying power; that is, your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. If you give us some basic information about your available savings, income and current debt, we can refer you to lenders best qualified to help you.

Finding your next home
Once you know how much you can and want to invest, the next step is to find the properties that most nearly fit your needs. This is the time to choose a professional real estate licensee. Sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market, and it will take some investigation by your agent to find all available properties.

Due Diligence
With a negotiated agreement in hand, it is time to complete the evaluation of the property. Depending on the area and property, this could include inspections for structure, mechanical, and electrical conditions, just to name a few. As your agent, I can assist you in finding qualified responsible professionals to do most of these investigations and provide you with written reports.

Closing or Settlement
Finally, there is the closing. The title company will handle this process. As your realtor, I can guide you through this process and make sure everything flows together smoothly.

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?
Real estate agents or brokers are generally paid through the sales commission paid by the seller when a transaction closes. If you choose a real estate agent and stick with that person, the agent will respect your loyalty and respond with a sincere commitment to you.

You Be the Judge!
Real Estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $100,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would seem foolish to consider a deal in real estate without professional representation.